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More than twenty years' experience in the creation, implementation and development of professional solutions for hotels and hotel chains.



Optimisation of hotel chain competitiveness and management via technological innovation, process automation and the development of a digital culture.



Hotel management software that provides access to key information about each hotel from any mobile device in an environment of constant digital transformation.



Development of products and applications, fully integrated with the leading solutions, technological advances and platforms in the industry.

Team and Knowledge, the driving forces behind Antfor

At Antfor we design, develop and implement multi-platform software for hotel management, while we advise clients on improving all associated operational processes. Many hotel industry actors endorse our team's knowledge and professional experience, which were formed by working closely with large hotel chains. Experience and professional growth are of vital importance to us; key factors in the success of the business management that our customers require.



Avalon is positioned in the market as a robust hotel chain management system with capacity for growth and, moreover, has unparalleled recognition among its customers.

cadenas hoteleras

Hotel Chains

Software specialising in holiday, urban or resort hotel chains or hotel complexes located anywhere in the world.



Avalon's main functional modules complement and grow with native apps for all mobile operating systems.


International expansion

Multi-language product, with international fiscal policy, management of multiple currencies and taxes, marketing system, digital scanning and archiving of bonds, etc.



Information exchange on invoicing and payments across different platforms and Push & Pull to Channel Managers, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators for reservations, rates and vacancies.



Navigation from data to detail, application of multiple filters in all dimensions, breakdown of results, grouping and consolidation of information, etc.

fiabilidad analitica

Continuous evolution

Avalon is a product in constant technological and functional evolution, in line with the demand required by the target market.

Union Avalon Esteysi

Integrate with Avalon the first market standard app

The integration of applications for mobile devices with the hotel PMS is essential to optimise the guest's experience, receive more personalised service and supply the hotel or chain with all analytical information, both automatically and efficiently.

Esteysi APP is part of the Esteysi Project, an end-to-end solution based on Antfor's extensive experience in hotel management product development.

logo Esteysi

The new way of understanding the relationship between Guests and Hotels

Atención al Cliente

Guest Service

Virtual Concierge, Events, Room & Pool Service, Wellness, Restaurants, etc.

Guest Experience

Guest Experience

Pre-Check In, Guest Chat, Smart Key, Beacons, Push Notifications, etc.

Esteysi APP

Standard APP

Integrated with PMS and scalable according to the rigorous and continuing demand of hotel management.

Procesos Comerciales

Up Selling and Cross Selling

Tools to fully promote and maximise profit for hotel services.

Reputacion Online

On-line reputation

Corporate Opinion Portal Experiences 100% verified.

Big Data

Big Data

The Esteysi Project collects, stores and organises valuable information for further analysis.

grafismo business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a dynamic interface that enables access to a high and complex volume of data in a structured and effective way to have control over each and every area of the business. It offers the possibility of gathering and transforming the data into useful information with the purpose of finding those competitive advantages in the answers to the business questions. In this way you can understand what happens, why it happens, what will happen, what to do and what direction to follow, optimizing the decision-making process.

imagen dispositivos business intelligence

The solution developed by Antfor called Belice is particularly focused on hotel chains, offering the vision needed for all types of decision-making: commercial, operational, financial, etc. Apart from the connection to the Avalon and Esteysi Project databases, it may also be adapted to other sources for the same purpose: display overall and essential data for business management.


Corporate - It offers great communication internally since the reports can be shared with all the members selected as recipients


Accessible - Reports are available at any time from any device

smart inteligente

Smart - It allows access to details that are hard to calculate/ parametrize but very important for an intelligent management, which otherwise would be hidden to managers


Navigable - The data is navigable, allowing as many combinations and level of detail as desired


Customizable - It respects the organizational structure through different levels of access to enquire, edit or share as applicable


Scalable - It adapts to the user’s needs, allowing them to create or edit multiple filters and reports

Always looking for Talent

Antfor boasts a large team of dynamic people with initiative, innovative ability and desire to work with enthusiasm. Competent professionals with different skills, personalities and training that reflect the diversity that we also find in our clients.

formación o conocimientos de gestion hotelera

Hotel management training
or knowledge

formación o conocimientos de gestion hotelera

Experience with the .NET platform
(for developers)

disponibilidad para viajes nacionales e internacionales

Availability for
nationwide and international travel

iniciativa propia y capacidad resolutiva

Own initiative

capacidad organizativa

Organisational capacity

conocimiento de idiomas


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