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Avalon is an integrated professional management system of all functional areas included in holiday, city or mixed hotel chains that are made up of hotels or resorts located anywhere around the world
Specialisation in hotel chain management and international deployment
Avalon is not just ‘another program’, instead it is the most promising sector solution for professional hotel chain management
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Social module integration, providing an internal chat exclusively for your customers, as well as boasting a social media site: www.esteysi.com
To inform and provide customers with the services of your hotel or the external ones
Integrates information and processes with Avalon or any other PMS

Find out why customers trust Antfor

Antfor is a computer service company that develops and sets up sector-tailored information systems, as well as offering consultancy services and improvements for associated operating processes.

The company shares its location with several of the world’s largest holiday hotel chains. This prime location, coupled with the training and professional development of the Antfor Software team, has led the company to specialise in the hotel management sector in particular.

Hotel integration

Users’ adaptation to the new system and work environment has to be fast, with a minimum impact and flexible as possible



Antfor is experience

More than fifteen years experience in developing, implementing and providing support for professional solutions all over the world



Professional services for hotel

The ultimate aim is to ensure that customers know that that they can count on our full support in the event of any problems



Antfor is innovation

Antfor creates products with its sights firmly set on the future, so it has opted to use the Microsoft. NET as technological base 



Antfor and Avalon, services for hotel

Our commitment will guarantee not only our total personal and professional satisfaction, but also that of our customers



Professional services

Avalon: software for hotel

Consultancy and Organization

When you choose Antfor, you’ll find a committed and expert partner, eager to collaborate with the organisation and expansion of your business on both a national and international scale

Implementation with hotel

Implementation and Operational

Even a good product can fail to meet your expectations if it is not used properly. This is why we apply a thorough implementation system tailored to meet customers’ needs and concerns using the MIA methodology

Maintenance for you hotel

Corrective / Evolutionary Maintenance

Antfor’s product maintenance service is the optimum solution for guaranteeing the correct operation and use of our information systems. It is our commitment to keeping the software you have acquired fully updated

Always looking for talent
Antfor is made up of an outstanding team of dynamic individuals who have initiative, a capacity for innovation and a tremendous sense of enthusiasm for their work. Highly competent professionals offering a wide range of skills, personal qualities and training that reflects the diversity that we also find amongst our customers.

Training or knowledge of hotel management

Own initiative

Availability for nationwide and international travel

Organisational skills

Experience with the .NET platform (for developers)


If you’re interested in working with us, send a copy of your CV with a photo to


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Antfor ANTFOR Software 39.601310 2.656613
Avalon - Antfor: software for hotels
+34 871 93 20 00
+34 871 96 25 98

Head Office

Gremio Cirujanos y Barberos, 25
Edificio Generium
07009 Palma de Mallorca
Islas Baleares. España

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